About Us

Duties assigned to Directorate General of State-Owned Enterprises by the relevant legislation are as follows: 
  • Exercising the ownership functions of the state related with State-Owned Enterprises (SOE’s).
  • Constituting the relationship of SOE’s with the Treasury, preparing the annual investment and financing programs of SOE’s with the assistance of Ministry of Development and submitting them to the approval of the Cabinet, monitoring their implementation and making the necessary amendments during the year.
  • Oversee SOE’s whether their activities are in line with the legislation and regulations.
  • Ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of SOE’s, or executing the tasks assigned by the Supreme Planning Council, Supreme Board of Privatization or other authorised bodies to restructure SOE’s (e.g. downsizing, splits, mergers, liquidations, complete or partial shutdown of operations or re-organizing the employment and organizational structure) in order to prepare them for privatization. 
  • Contributing to the sectoral policy development activities related with public entities which have a majority share of state ownership. 
  • Consolidating, monitoring and evaluating the financial and nonfinancial data about public entities which are audited by the Court of Accounts and have a majority share of state ownership including municipal companies. 
  • Contributing to the policy development activities related with social security, social welfare, health and employment. 
  • Exercising the operations, given by Law No. 4572 and other regulations, about Agricultural Sales Cooperatives and Unions in relation with the Support and Price Stabilization Fund. 
  • Executing other tasks assigned by the Undersecretary.