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About Us

The duties of the General Directorate of Public Finance under the Law No:4059 are defined as below:

  • to carry out Treasury operations,
  • to find the cash that is required for the expenditures of the State,
  • to effect the overseas payments of the State that are related to the general budget, to establish and operate accounting offices for internal payments and external payments,
  • to keep, manage and invest money, precious stones and other assets of the State,
  • to carry out the domestic borrowing operations of the State,
  • to issue government bonds, Treasury bills and other domestic borrowing instruments, to sell them and arrange their sale by third parties by the method of competitive bidding, the method of regular sale and other methods, to determine the quantities to be sold of such government bonds, Treasury bills and other domestic borrowing instruments and their values and interest rates,
  • to carry out the preparation, contract, issue, payment, early payment and registration procedures of all types of domestic and foreign borrowing in connection with the management of State debts, to carry out the procedures related to interest and lending that are assigned by the State,
  • to effect, within the context of debt management, such payments as are directed at the performance of guarantees provided by the Treasury for domestic and foreign debts, to establish and operate a State Debts Accounting Office for this purpose,
  • to keep an account of debt management,
  • to create a database for Turkey's foreign debts, to keep a foreign debts file for this purpose,
  • to determine borrowing policies, values and strategies in coordination with other Undersecretariat departments, to prepare long term and annual borrowing schedules, to identify measures to be taken regarding risk management, to evaluate and report the results of implementation process,
  • to analyze and conduct risk assessment studies on public debt portfolio, Treasury guarantees and Treasury receivables,
  • to carry out the procedures related to the provision of Treasury guarantee under various laws and other legislation, to keep the necessary records, to determine the terms and conditions of guarantee and transfer,
  • to establish and implement, in cooperation with the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, policies to ensure the circulation and stability of Turkish currency, to provide liaison between the Treasury and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in matters concerning monetary policy,
  • to carry out the cash management in line with the requirements of governmental agencies included in the general and annexed budget, organizations with a special budget, organizations with revolving capital, and funds, and in accordance with the general targets of monetary policy,
  • to plan the stamping of ordinary and commemorative coins and conduct the relations with the General Directorate of the Mint and the Duty Stamps Printing Office for this purpose,
  • to carry out other similar duties assigned by the Undersecretariat.