IRO Domestic Debt Operations Investor Protection Measures

Investor Protection Measures

About Central Securities Depository of Turkey

MKK is a central institution that its responsibilities of issuing capital market instruments in dematerialized form, registering them in accounts opened at beneficial owner basis, monitoring their respective rights are given by law and the records kept in its books on these securities are legally binding. In other words, it is a central system which securities are issued, held in beneficial owner accounts, transferred and their respective rights are installed. Therefore, MKK with its current structure is the Central Securities Depository institution of Turkey.

Dematerialization process started with the dematerialization of mutual fund participation certificates in 24.04.2005, continued with the dematerialization of all stocks regardless of their types (traded at the exchange or not) until 28.11.2005. Following this date, corporate actions processes of publicly traded companies, issues of publicly traded companies and any capital market instrument issues of the companies started to be made as fully registered on an electronic medium without printing certificates physically.

By the help of the enhancements made on the Central Dematerialized System, the system infrastructure is capable of allowing the Turkish Government Debt Securities registered at investor basis. The project was put into service as of 30 June 2012 with the decision of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey.

One of the main goals of MKK is to fulfill its responsibilities of increasing market efficiency and minimizing possible risks as well as following the global post-trade industry standards.

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