1.What is the function of the Investor Relations Office?

The Investor Relations Office (IRO) has been established as part of the efforts to foster and improve Turkey’s relations with international investors on a continuous basis. The primary objective is to enable constant information flow with respect to prevailing macro-economic aggregates by providing reliable and accurate data while pursuing prudent investor relations with financial community.

The IRO was set up consistently with the prevailing market practice as supported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The core function of the IRO is to enhance two-way dialogue of Turkish financial authorities with current and prospective investors as well as with other actors in the financial architecture.

IRO’s principal functions:

  • Maintain a website dedicated to provide financial data regarding fiscal and monetary stance and economic prospects, as well as financial reports and presentations of relevant governmental authorities
  • Supervise the dissemination of electronic newsletters and bulletins via a continuously updated recipients' list
  • Represent a start-up point for any potential investor , whose primary interest is to locate relevant and accurate data on Turkish economy
  • Enlighten the investors' concerns and inquiries about economic situation and significant developments.

2.What is the organizational structure of the IRO?

The IRO is under the jurisdiction of the Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of the Treasury. Therein, IRO is located under the General Directorate of Foreign Economic Relations, International Capital Markets Department, which is in charge of pursuing external borrowing program of the Republic of Turkey.

The interrelated structure of IRO with the financial authorities responsible for raising external debt increases its efficiency and effectiveness with regard to clarifying the concerns of international investors on a timely and consistent basis. IRO conducts its core duties in a mutually beneficial manner with the relevant financial authorities.

3.What is the IRO’s address and contact information?

Nur Yelkovan

Treasury Associate

E-mail: nur.yelkovan[at]

Tel No: +90 312 204 73 65

Fax No: +90 312 204 73 66-67

Yasemin Kıvcı

Treasury Associate

E-mail: yasemin.kivci[at]

Tel No: +90 312 204 73 65

Fax No: +90 312 204 73 66-67

The IRO’s address is:

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance

The General Directorate of Foreign Economic Relations

Floor:16 Office:1639

İnönü Bulvarı No:36

06510 Emek- Ankara

4.Is it possible to complete operational transactions related to foreign trade, tax payments, customs authorisation through IRO?

No. IRO’s serves the purpose of providing financial and economic data to financial community, as well as shedding light on concerns rising on these fronts. The use of the IRO as a gateway to carry out any kind of transactions has not been intended.

For further information, please refer to Useful Links Section, which contains a comprehensive list of govermental agencies with different responsibilities.

5.Does IRO provide assistance regarding the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Turkey?

No. In order to obtain information to start-up business in Turkey, you should contact the General Directorate of Foreign Investment, which is in charge or regulating FDI transactions in Turkey. A special section is devoted for FDI in Turkey on Investment Support and Promotion Agency's website, which can be accessed at

Additionally, you may access the website of Ministry of Trade (, which provides useful information on foreign trade regulations, requirements and counselling.

6.Is it possible to locate specific investment opportunites in Turkey through IRO?

No. The IRO aims to provide timely and useful macroeconomic data on economic situation, which may be of primary importance while undertaking an investment in Turkey. Nevertheless, IRO does not provide specific information pertaining specific investment opportunities present in Turkey.

7.Is IRO involved in promoting any industry or product, which may be of interest for prospective investors?

IRO is involved in disseminating transparent and consistent financial data, which bolster an investment decision process in Turkey for various industries. However, no industry or product is of IRO’s primary appeal. The maintained intense dialogue through IRO with a diverse investor base enhances a fruitful investment environment for Turkey, a phenomenon supporting a better investment climate for all sectors.

8.Where can I find relevant information on public finance and debt statistics?

The website of Treasury ( contains a wide variety of domestic and external debt statistics, as well as data on public finance.

9.Where can I find information on Turkish economy?

The websites of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the State Planning Organization and the Central Bank offer a variety of different financial and economic information on Turkey such as;

  • Budget Statistics
  • Public Net Debt Stock
  • Gross External Debt
  • Domestic Debt Statistics
  • External Debt Statistics
  • Revenue Projections
  • Fiscal Balance
  • Real Economy
  • Monetary Policy

Please see the statistics page ( on this website for links to the above data.

10.Where can I find information regarding domestic debt auctions?

The Treasury is in charge of pursuing domestic debt borrowing and discloses data on domestic debt auctions on a regular basis starting from 1998. The information can be accessed at the following link: