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3rd International Economy Conference   - “Debt Dynamics and Financial Instability” Session, (Nov 3 2012)
3.11.2012 3rd International Economy Conference - Presentations
3.11.2012 Philip Gerson, A Strategy for Strengthening the Fiscal Accounts of Advanced Economies
3.11.2012 Prof. Dr. Hans J. Blommestein, The Debate on Sovereign Risk, Safe Assets and the Risk-Free Rate --- What are Possible Implications for Sovereign Issuers?
3.11.2012 Juergen von Hagen, European Common Pools and Their Governance ,A Politico-Economic Perspective of the European Public Debt Crisis
G-20 Conference on Commodity Price Volatility (September 12-13, 2011, Presentations)
13.10.2011Chair's Summing Up
13.10.2011Commodity price increases: causes, effects and policy responses
13.10.2011Commodity Price Booms, the Global Economy, and Low-income Countries
13.10.2011Financialization of Commodity Markets
13.10.2011Volatility in Energy Prices
13.10.2011Oil Market Dynamics in Turbulent Times
13.10.2011Mitigating Energy Market Volatility
13.10.2011What’s Causing Higher and More Volatile Food Prices Around the World?
13.10.2011Long-Term Lessons from Short-term Volatility
Presentations from “Financial Globalization and Global Imbalances” session organized by the Undersecretariat of Treasury in June 27, 2008 at Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center (ICEC), within the 15th World Congress of the International Economic Association.
29.07.2008Press Release
29.07.2008Minister of State, Mr. Mehmet ŞİMŞEK: TURKEY: A REAL CONVERGENCE STORY
29.07.2008IMF-Paolo Mauro : Fiscal Risks
29.07.2008London Business School- Prof. Richard Portes : Financial globalisation and international financial stability
29.07.2008University of California- Prof. Alan M. Taylor: Financial Stability, the Trilemma, and International Reserves
Presentations from “Fiscal Policy Perspectives after the Financial Crisis” Session Organized by the Undersecretariat of Treasury in September 2, 2010 at Girne - North Cyprus (TRNC) within the 2nd International Economy Conference
02.10.2010Press Release
29.07.2008Dr. Ayhan Köse, Challenges of Policy
29.07.2008Prof. Guillermo Calvo, Rethinking Fiscal Policy
29.07.2008Prof. Fiorella Kostoris, European Stability & Growth Pact